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5 Tips for Finishing Your Basement! More people are choosing to stay in their existing home, expanding into unused space rather than going through the trouble of selling and buying again. If you’re in the same position, it might make sense to expand your living space by finishing your basement. The good news is that since the structure is already there, a basement remodel can be accomplished by a homeowner with limited construction knowledge. Serious Considerations Before Starting Your Finishing Project Basements are interesting spaces because at least some part of them are underground, holding back tons of soil and rocks. The fact that they don’t collapse inward is a testament to the engineering involved. Even though the basement concept is brilliantly designed, depending on the age of your home, other issues can quickly turn your project into a gaping hole for money to disappear into. Before you even start picking out materials, check that the moisture level is low enough to not ruin the materials yo

Tips for Surviving a Remodel!

Remodeling your home is a major project. Most people don’t realize just HOW major of a project it is until they’re deep into it, however. If you aren’t careful, a remodel can cover everything with dust, throw off your day-to-day plans and leave you feeling more frazzled than you’ve ever been. More than one homeowner has found themselves wondering, well before the job was complete, why they ever decided to undertake such a monumental task. Whether you’re already hip deep in a remodel or you’re just considering one, here are a few ways to keep you from experiencing this same sense of mid-remodel regret. Start Small While it’s tempting to launch into a full remodel and get everything done at once, taking the time to prioritize certain aspects of the remodel can make it much less disruptive and easier to control the budget. Consider which issues are the most pressing as well as which would be the most difficult to pull off. Avoid projects that are excessively difficult such as moving plumb

Metro Atlanta Flooring Project

Hardwood Screen &  Polyurethane New Carpet Sales & Installation This is a project that a realtor contacted us about in Buford Georgia this past summer, the homeowner was in the process of making cosmetic repairs to put the home on the market and we were able to screen and polyurethane the pre-existing Hardwoods on the main level, it had some dark spots in a lot of dirt and wear and tear, we were able to bring back the hardwoods with a special cleaning product and three coats of polyurethane for roughly half the cost of a  traditional sand and Refinishing. What can we do for you? Because we got you covered! FINALFLOORS.COM   Atlanta Flooring Company  Hardwoods ▪︎Refinishing  Vinyl Planks ▪︎Laminates  Carpet ▪︎Repairs  Free Estimates  770.910.9719   We Make Floors Look Good!

Atlanta Vinyl Flooring Sales & Installations

FINALFLOORS.COM   Atlanta Flooring Company  Sales & Installations  Hardwoods ▪︎Refinishing  Vinyl Planks ▪︎Laminates  Carpet ▪︎Floor Repairs  Free Estimates  770.910.9719  8.7mm WPC Click Lock - Contemporary Collection is FloorScore® certified and 100% waterproof. These vinyl planks offer superior wear and scratch protection with a 0.7 mm (28 mil) wear layer and UV coating… not to mention an industry leading warranty to prove it; lifetime residential, with one transfer of ownership/warranty, and a 20 year commercial warranty. The attached underlayment provides thermal insulation, and hides subfloor imperfections, allowing minimal preparation for most subfloors during installation. Superior wear protection: 0.7 mm (28 mil) wear layer and UV coating, ensuring your floor will remain the best color along with premium wear and scratch resistance. Warranty: lifetime residential, with one transfer of ownership/warranty, 20 year commercial warranty. Acoustic u