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5 Steps To New Floors!

Whether you just need a simple floor cleaning or a complete refinish, we offer a wide spectrum of exceptional floor refinishing options for your home. Our professionals have the expertise of enhancing the look of your current dated Flooring. We ensure protection of your wood floors from future damage too. The Process We follow a distinctive process of refinishing your hardwood floors so that you have an elegant facelift of your home. Step 1: We start our refinishing process by preparing your floors for dustless sanding.  We sand your floors with grit sandpapers to remove the scratches or dirt and take back the floor to bare hardwood. We perform two to three passes based on the type and age of the finish. Step 2: After the hardwoods are sanded, we use a finer grit sandpaper and other sanding/polishing machines to even out the grain and smooth out the floor completely. Step 3: Once the sanding is done, the floor is vacuumed to remove dust or debris, if any. Step 4: The